Getting started with MATLAB

Getting started with MATLAB

It is assumed that you have installed MATLAB on your PC. if you haven’t install MATLAB click here to get and install MATLAB.Once the program starts, the MATLAB desktop window opens.The MATLAB program window contains four smaller windows: the Command Window, the Current Folder Window, the Workspace Window, and the Command History Window. This is the default view that shows four of the various windows of MATLAB.

Matlab Windows

Matlab have seven sub-window, each with different purpose.

Command Window:

It is main window in MATLAB, User can enter commands, variable and run programs here. Command window opens when MATLAB is started.


Editor Window:

This window is to create and debug script and function files.The Editor Window is used for writing and editing programs. This window can be opened from the File menu.


Figure Window

It shows graphical output from graphics commands.The Figure Window opens automatically when graphics commands are executed, and contains graphs created by these commands.


Help Window

The Help Window contains help information. This window can be opened from the Help menu in the toolbar of any MATLAB window. The Help Window is interactive and can be used to obtain information on any feature of MATLAB.


Command History Window

It logs commands that are entered in the command window.


Workspace Window

Workspace window provides the information about the current variables that are being used.


Current Folder Window

This window shows all files in current folder




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